New study suggests zinc supplementation may lower blood pressure 

High blood pressure: The medical community has had relatively little focus on zinc. However, evidence in healthy people suggests that zinc could help lower blood pressure in people with hypertension, according to a new meta-analysis published in The BMJ. 

In healthy people, zinc appears to have protective effects against hypertension. In healthy people, zinc appears to have protective effects against hypertension. 

There is a possibility that zinc has a role in the body's response to high blood pressure, according to lead author Eileen Osgood, PhD, from the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS), Worcester, MA. 

Health Takeaways: Workplace Lunch Hacks 

Your lunch is a big part of your day. Before you go to work, make sure you eat a meal that’s better for you and your productivity. 

You can use your lunch break to prepare and prepare a work-from-home lunch. I know it seems simple enough, but there’s a lot of work that goes into it. 

Start with prepping vegetables. Check the weather forecast for when you will be in the office, then head to the grocery store for a variety of fresh veggies. Your goal should be to have your vegetables prepped by 11 a.m. so you can have your sandwich on time. 

Eating In Segments 

Choosing healthy and tasty items is one thing, but what about the small pieces that make up the larger portion? That means you should have a plan to cut your lunch items into smaller pieces and enjoy what you have. 

Step 1: Check all the ingredients to make sure you’re getting your nutrition. Look at a food label and read the ingredients of everything you’re about to eat. 

You can also find this easy and free app on your phone that can tell you the nutritional value of items you’re about to eat. 

Step 2: Write down the names of all the foods you have and identify them individually. When you’re about to eat, mark each name on your list to see if it can fit in your food processor. There are a few apps you can use to help you do this. The Food Emoji Emoji free app makes it easy to record every single bite and snack you eat. Its in-app menu lets you select the food items you have and set aside time to record everything. 

Step 3: On the day of your work lunch, fill a colander or a mixer bowl with the items you’re making and add about a teaspoon of spices to each bowl. After you add the spices, pour your veggies into the colander. Put a lid on the bag and pour your spices into the colander. 

‘Skin tests’ for acid reflux symptoms 

Some people swear by using turmeric to reduce acid reflux, and there are even studies in the works that show how to mix turmeric with ginger root to treat pain and even heart attacks. 

Called “skin tests,” these tests measure specific substances in the skin that have been linked to the symptoms of acid reflux. The formulas listed below were tested and found to be effective in treating acid reflux in just over half of those tested, the analysis found. 

There are some important caveats to this approach. A person’s skin may not be a reliable guide to acid reflux problems. And some drugs can also work by increasing the body’s production of new cells, called GYRAPINS, that may interfere with the appearance of these tests. 

Wear This for a Little Pain Relief From Your Gastric Reflux 

If you have acid reflux or GERD, a new study from the United Kingdom suggests a magnetic bracelet or facemask may be a way to improve your health. 

To that end, Light and colleagues carried out a study to examine whether a small magnetic bracelet could improve the physical symptoms of GERD. When the researchers gave 155 people with GERD small magnetic devices that looked like a device worn to handle sickle cell anaemia, they saw a positive effect on the symptoms of acid reflux, Light said.

Diabetes Doesn’t Mean You Have to Get Your Fingernails Ripped Off 

There are about 3.7 million people in the U.S. living with diabetes, and of those, about 2.7 million have type 2 diabetes (T2D), a condition characterized by blood sugar levels that exceed normal levels. 

Unfortunately, diabetes is also a genetic condition — typically, someone is more likely to get it if they have a family member who already has the disease. In addition, diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes can prevent, delay, or reverse type 2 diabetes. However, those are not always successful.

Type 1 diabetes is a different case. The body produces insulin, a hormone that helps process sugar in the blood, and the body cannot produce insulin on its own. In some cases, complications from diabetes can cause the body to stop producing insulin, though other cases are more complicated.

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