Regaining The Silence From Tinnitus (Ringing In Ears)

The truth is that Tinnitus isn't caused by long exposure to loud noises. It isn't even due to damage to the auditory nerves in the brain that control hearing, resulting in high frequency sounds. If tinnitus is nothing more than a sound frequency in your ears, why do deaf people or people who’ve been losing their hearing, still hear it? 

Researchers from the University of Arizona found that what causes ringing in the ears and tinnitus is inflammation in specific areas of the brain. The buzzing, whooshing, roaring, hissing inside your head is caused because your brain tissue becomes inflamed and causes your brain’s nerve cells to vibrate. 

Your central nervous system is made out of 5 major brain networks. These networks communicate between themselves with the help of synapses which are basically physical communication pathways. When the tissue in one of your brain networks becomes inflamed, they fail to send the messages to your other parts of the brain, via your synapses. This causes your brain to send S.O.S. signals to your ears. 

That translates inside your head as buzzing, hissing, roaring, ringing or whooshing in one or both of your ears. 

The tinnitus cure method inside this video might seem extremely simple, but it is effective. Over a dozen independent labs across two continents have tested this program on 3,200 men and women from 6 countries, to make sure this program works for everyone no matter their age, gender or overall health. 

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